In late January, Machina Research revealed its 2017 Predictions for the IoT industry. But just like so many predictions, how do we separate hype from reality, and what can we really expect will change for IoT? 

Well, 2016 is widely regarded as the year IoT officially came of age. 

As the webinar really drove home, IoT M&A activity went off the charts last year - Cisco acquired Jasper Technologies, InterDigital absorbed Hillcrest Partners, and of course Softbank swallowed up ARM. There were dozens more deals.

So what can we expect in 2017? Will it be more of the same? More diversity of IoT offerings from technology firms, or is it the year that companies realise that they have to more aggressively monetise their IoT offerings? 

Ultimately, the question that still needs answering is how IoT providers will have their platforms work together. Remember, that problem is still very much in existence, as well as the huge security issues that remain unaddressed. These are key challenges for the IoT industry, and will be the subject of many IoT PR campaigns this year.

Aside from IoT security, on the analyst relations front we were very heartened to see in November that Machina Research was acquired by Gartner Research. Machina has done an excellent job at cementing itself as the IoT and M2M industry analyst firm - something many others have tried in vain to replicate. 

Check back in with us soon as we plan on delving into the fascinating predictions other analyst firms have made for 2017, and what M&A activity analysts expect to see in the run-up to MWC. 

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