APAC companies are losing opportunities and business due to delay in digital transformation. 

Results from a recent research conducted by OgilvyRED reported that more than 70 percent of the participated APAC companies had not really started with digital transformation. 

The Digital Transformation Survey interviewed 82 respondents in senior marketing positions ( VP, CMO or above) in companies in Asia with more than 500 employees. 

The results showed that only 17% of the companies have started delivering a new digital experience to their audience, while 7% have not even started. 

Top 2 Challenges For Companies

According to the results, difficulty finding the right integrated agency and finding the right talents are the biggest hurdles when companies embark on any digital marketing transformation projects. 

Why Are Companies Struggling To Find Talents?

Fantastic digital marketing professionals are in high-demand, and there is a noticeable short supply in the Hong Kong market. 

In our experience, many companies we have dealt with understand the need to hire the right digital talents, but they do not understand the urgency.

If your company is already behind in digital transformation, having candidates go through five or six rounds of talks, assessments and interviews, and always "wanting to see more" options are not benefiting your business. 

Ask yourself: How Much Are You Losing By Not Filling This Role?

The perfect candidate may or may not exist, but there are many great candidates with expertise in data, customer insights, and marketing technology, who are willing to "grow into" the role. Cultural fit and the willingness to grow with the business are much, much harder to find. 

3 Ways To Beat Your Competitors In Finding The Best Talent

Urgency: If you haven't started, the best time to do it is NOW. You're losing business every day you're not having the best talents in your operation. Don't act fast, act decisively. 

Database: If posting solely on job boards and having multiple people going through the candidates internally is not time-wasting, I don't know what is. Go to someone who has already spent years, and even decades, building a strong, robust and specialised database.  

Choose A Good Partner: Choose a recruitment partner who is willing to go the extra mile for you and your brand, who spends the time to meet candidates personally just to find you that gem, who tries to give you the best advice and who isn't just looking at short-term commission but long-term relationships.