Study finds programs must be downloaded by more than three-quarters of population to be effective.

Downloads "still represent only a fifth of Germany’s population of more than 80m people, falling far below the uptake that UCL’s research suggests is needed for reliable tracking. In Switzerland, 1.4m people are actively using its SwissCovid app, out of a total population of roughly 8.5m. About a third of Ireland’s population has signed up to use its Covid Tracker app since it was launched last month."

Source: Tim Bradshaw Financial Times 19th Aug 2020

Even when downloaded this ignores the fact many people turn Bluetooth off whilst out and about and only reconnect when back in the home via wi-fi. 

Too many technology initiatives ignore human behaviour!

This is exactly the same in the world of insurance claims where consumers shun yet more apps on phones already overcrowded and prefer more proactive communication via email and/or SMS from claims handlers. Just as digital but just far more convenient. 

In fact we have already proved this in Catastrophic Event  (CAT) Insurance when claims surge by a factor of ten to twenty times the norm. 

When the Internet is down SMS comes into its own and when the Internet back-up they have a choice of self-service claims via secure links emailed and sent by text message.

Just like Track and Trace we have found that in these extreme events automation is not the complete answer and human intervention vital. Which requires platforms that allow proactive orchestration and triage by track and trace agents whether in national or local teams.

Whether responding to secure links or actual phone calls ( and mix and match) those tested as infected and those they were in contact with can all work in a pragmatic, convenient and secure manner. Track and Trace organisations work from a single digital record of the infected and those that have been in contact cascading into a national view of infections, the spread of infections and all the associated data.

A shared database (secure of course and redacted where necessary)) so that all the teams involved contribute data in real-time for analysis and better decisioning and have the means to manage their own "track and trace" key tasks and activities.

It is ironic that a tried and tested platform 360SiteView)  is gaining traction overseas and in the private sector as a Track and Trace solution but struggling to get attention from the NHS Track & Trace organisation.

Maybe its because it doesn't cost the tens of millions of pounds to develop which they are used to spending. That's the beauty of a no-code platform that can be re-purposed in days from one use-case to another.

And better still the analysts in Track and Trace organisations are quickly able to do that themselves in plain English (or Spanish, French, German etc) from their workstations without being beholden to the vendor to deliver expensive updates and improvements.

No, they can iterate, test, iterate and constantly improve. Novel but reality.

WE will keep you updated on our progress overseas and outside the NHS in England. In the meantime you could always find out more: +44 (0) 7341 971132