Interesting research from MIT on leadership in the digital age.  What we find here at Digital Leadership Associates is that leaders do not need to have a deep understanding of technology.  Too many trainers and C-Level people alike think a deep appreciation of say Twitter is needed, this certainly isn't the case.  Often technologists get "turned on" by technology and leaders, just do not need this deep understanding.

In the sessions we run for C-Level people and Boards we enable these people to gain an appreciation of what is achievable and the benefits when it is applied.

It is then down to them using their powers of leadership (which they have always had) to apply it to their business.

So often we find that business leaders are scared (though they don't admit it) and as there are all these supposedly helpful articles talking about IOT, Industry 4.0 etc actually they hinder, not help.

The solution of digital transformation is already in our heads, it's just finding the right key to unlock it.