Good article, there are some great advice in here, like having a strategy, but quoting consultants who advise on digital transformation but are not digitally transformed themselves is dangerous.

Can you have a "fat" Personal Trainer or be taught to drive by somebody who cannot drive?  I think not!

The "elephant in the room" with digital transformations especially where methodologies "do it to you" rather than "do it with you" is the people.  You have to have a communication plan, you have to have leadership from the front, you have to have a plan on how to empower the people, train the people.  None of that is here.  Oops!

After all, as nobody listens to corporate marketing anymore, the only thing a company has to differentiate itself is it's people.

Empower them and you can gain incremental revenue and competitive advantage.  Two things, also this article does not mention.

I've seen to many digital transformations where the company is put on hold while they decide what to do.  A consultant once said to me "we've told the company to go away and decide what they want to be when they grow up".  Of course, the company slide further and further behind and nobody ever answered that example question, because they didn't know the answer.

Digital Transformation is hard, but there are some really easy outcomes and quick wins that allow you to "fix the plane, while the plane is flying".

Think about it.