Every company that employs us to roll out Social Transformation (including Social Selling) you always find those that are, what we call "social ninjas".

We were presenting in Australia where one of these "Social Ninjas" came up to me in the coffee break.  He was dying to show me his blogs and explain to me how he had sold a $0.5 Million deal.  His next question which resonated with me was "surely if we rolled out what he had achieved across the business, the the pipeline would be in a better place?".  And he was right.  He didn't have a social transformation methodology like we have, but just by his sales collegues copying him they would have an extra $7 Million in revenue, maybe.

(There was 30 of them in the room, 50% take up and they all signed an extra $0.5 million and that's a very conservative calculation).

It was interesting as they Sales Leader gave us a hard time and didn't believe that using Social in B2B Enterprise sales would work.  But he had a great example of somebody through their own trial and error was doing stuff.

They are out there in every organisation, these people are "Digital Achievers" and you can spot them.  On Social.  If a company empowers these people with a structured methodology and so to the rest of the individuals the power to crush you number is your for the taking.

Take your head out of the sand, social selling is here, it's working and it's not going away!