In this article, the case for the CIO and "technology" to be at the forefront of digital transformation seems to rear its head.  Must admit I thought we had put this one to bed.

Technology cannot ever be at the forefront of a digital transformation.  There are too many legacy issues and old operating models that are being held onto.  There are too many sacred cows.  Then there is the shiny new object syndrome, do we use IOT, Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud?  Whatever!

Digital Transformation has to come from the Board (C-Suite in the US).  "The Business" has to sponsor it, they need to understand it and they need to drive it, this isn't one to be left to the techies.  That doesn't mean IT is not involved, after all, the whole of the management team must be involved, they must have worked shopped the challenges, the barriers, the opportunities and be sure how as a team they move forward together.

In the world of digital, the key priorities of customers hasn't changed, neither has looking after the employees and making sure you have the right talent, at the right time.  But that's a Passle for another day.