COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated businesses' ability and willingness to work remotely. Whilst some businesses may not have chosen to operate remotely, and it has no doubt posed many challenges, it has also opened up businesses' minds to the option of remote working in the longer term. So what are the benefits of this and is your business ready to embrace it?

1. Location, location, location 

Historically, businesses physically located in less desirable places could struggle to hire the top talent that they want. Effective remote working can remove this restriction, and equally this opens up opportunities to people located further away from jobs.

2. Invest in your people, product and customers

Office rent and rates are amongst the highest of business costs, and by removing  or lessening these, a business can invest more in its people, its product and its customers. 

3. WFH = a benefit

Working from home is still considered a benefit to many people. Permitting this can help to attract and retain great talent.

4. Time = money

By enabling and allowing  your people to work remotely from home, you are saving them time by not travelling. Regardless of whether your people use this 'commute time' to work, they will no doubt start their day less  stressed and less tired, and will likely be happier and more productive.

In order to ensure your business is able to operate productively whilst people are remote, it's important to focus on priorities, tasks and responsibilities. Clear organisational processes and reporting lines can be very helpful. Also, it is critical to recognise and acknowledge the limitations (such as non verbal cues during meetings) and find ways to combat these. 

The days of having an entire team in the office are likely passed, at least for the immediate future. So working remotely is really a necessity. A business has the power to choose to enable and empower its employees so that it works for everyone involved and means success for the business.