Agriculture is an early adopter of IoT and tracking  food from field, water and air to the table is another blockbuster solution. 

Provenance, founded by Jessi Baker,builds on blockchain as a shared and transparent means of auditing origin, compliance and sustainability in order for producers, distributors and retailers to build trust in their products and supply chains. 

Muddy Boots, another British company, started over 20 years ago working with  growers and agronomists to manage their farms from the field. Today, it has expanded throughout the supply chain to help all stakeholders plan, organise and control quality, traceability and compliance of their products and suppliers.

Muddy Boots embeds world class analytics in its platforms to give users across the supply chain the information and insights to make & excute better decisions

Great examples of enabling growers around the globe, retailers and the intermediary supply chain deliver quality product to discerning customers. 

These digital platforms are the new paradigm in action e.g. both companies can exploit DNA sequencing e.g. in plant research and another UK pioneer, Oxford NANOPORE Technologies, offers MinION -the only portable, real time device for DNA and RNA sequencing.

Combined these technologies offer the technologies to revolutionise the world of food production and consumption. 

True digital transformation