Apres les deluge- the trough of disillusionment?

2017 will be a year of rigorous review and many of the hyped up use cases will fall by the wayside. Then Gartner's "Slope of Enlightenment" may hold promise for variations of the technology in certain use cases.

In many cases, the business value can still be achieved by other non-blockchain means,

There is a good case to be made for online platforms that enable a single digital record to be shared across core systems of record and new online platforms linked by a unique/secure url for each customer transaction.

This single digital record can furnish the relevant data to all the supply chain from customer through service provider to contractors/partners collaboratively delivering the service.

This is particularly relevant when considering human behaviour. Will we all want to make and manage multiple disparate smart contracts with unknown entities/people? Or would we prefer to deal with entities that provide for broad needs?

Take insurance- most of us buy different insurances from different carriers/brokers. Why?

Because the one that is good at auto insurance may be relatively bad at pet insurance, or travel, health, building & contents etc. 

As we all become more connected, in parallel with smart homes and connected devices, enlightened insurance carriers will make a better fist of delivering a portfolio of insurance products- macro and micro.

When designed from customer need backwards to company processes and technology there is the opportunity for the leaders to reform and offer a portfolio delivering optimal value.

In that case a decentralised ledger technology platform could be very inefficient.  A solution solving the wrong problem.

2017 and 2-18 will be the years of reckoning,