Philips  Health Suite Digital Platform (HSDP) is a cloud-based platform purpose-built for healthcare.  It collects and analyses data in the health space to help improve people’s lives – for example, in chronic condition management. It has a tailored set of tools and resources optimised for healthcare innovation and the co-creation of health and wellness applications.

BUT: partnering with Mercedes Benz so getting into the connected auto and driver business. Boundaries merge and who will own industry stacks? It comes harder to decide.

I wrote earlier about two industrial giants, Siemens & GE,  strategic goals to be digital platform disrupters. See "Beating Digital Disrupters at their own game".

Then traditional insurance carriers are transforming from legacy dinosaurs to nimble digital performers. Aviva, Munich Re and many others are investing in digital platforms and insurtech innovators to achieve competitive advantage.  Will Philips Healthcare and Health Insurance meld into one? Or Health Insurers integrate with Healthcare. Who will drive the change?

Platform providers like 360Globalnet provide digital platforms that integrate with insurance and healthcare core systems of record to 

  • rejuvenate legacy systems 
  • digitally transform customer journeys & NPS
  • digitise the complete supply chain
  • Reduce OPEX 

90% of today''s enterprises will not exist in 2023 and it is easy to see why!