Digital transformation requires organisational, structural and cultural transformation lead by the CEO with support across the organisation.

So not surprised at this warning in research from The Hackett Group which does come at the issues from the CIO & IT angle. Whilst core systems of record are the limiting factor and therefore IT is important, technology is often the least of the challenges.

When we planned a multi-language, local content global online reservation solution for customers at Hilton technology was on offer from all the global vendors.

What was short in supply was the quality of people to test the ideal customer journey, the needs of global hotel staff and guide us to an optimal solution. We sacked the big name solution providers for people who knew what they were doing and gave us the "A Team" to plan, specify, build, test and deploy. Not a different "C Team".

When you plan Digital Transformation seek a partner that knows your industry, pro-actively leads you. The worse thing is to replicate what you do and just make it more efficient.

Customers today are behaving differently than they did 5 years ago. After the initial love affair consumers are becoming disillusioned with being offered yet another mobile app ( too many already competing for the screen space).

Chose a partner that does not rely on you knowing what the customer wants but knows themselves. That has a tested online platform that can be deployed fast without you having to re-architect the core back-office systems. You need to act now, not in two years time.

Able to prove they have already deployed digital transformation in similar customers. This is a continuous process- find out more at Digital transformation is a journey and not a destination

If you are an insurance carrier, broker, intermediary or service provider to the the insurance industry, e.g. fraud investigation suggest you look at 360Globalnet.

They live, breathe, dream and implement digital transformation and insurtech