Allianz SE expects digitization will help it generate  €1 billion of yearly productivity gains in its current three-year plan. So value need not be elusive.

See "Allianz harvesting digital dividend"

When digital platforms can combine productivity gains with customer satisfaction gains the impact on bottom line profits will multiply. But tackling just one aspect of claims management and re  and this is a lesson for the whole industry. Increase key factors by 5% and the combined effect can be a doubling of profits.

  • Increase Net Promoter Score by 5%
  • Increase fee revenue by 5%
  • Increase productivity by 5%
  • Decease operating costs by 5%


This means not just tackling customer experience important as that is. It also means automating the supply chain that 

  • repairs, replaces autos, trucks, buildings and contents. 
  • manages the Pets supply chain-  VETS diagnosis, prognosis and surgery/medication of insured pets.

35% of costs can be waste materials, time and under-utilised resources.

It is no good just tackling the front-end- customer experience; the back-end needs parallel digital transformation.

That raises another challenge- the current investment in legacy systems, back-office & core systems of record. Insurance carriers need the new digital platforms now without having to re-architect the back-end.Insist on a digital platform that will:- 

  • transform the processes above from First notification of loss (FNOL) to settlement of claim
  • balance speed of settlement with reducing fraud
  • integrate securely with back-office through unique url
  • provides one digital record to deliver the right insights to the rights people across the supply chain
  • Let you start at the point where you will achieve most impact and extend transformation across all of claims management processes as time and resources allow
  • Gives users in all operational areas the information to make the right decisions
  • Is licensed on a transaction model to deliver optimal return on investment

A place to start is the partner Allianz chose- 360Globalnet at "See every claim, See every risk"

For a wide review of technology solutions and digital transformation see:-

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