" ...people are already becoming bored with digitalisation, opting to try “digital detoxes”.

Renaud Million, CEO of Spixxi,

Wise to note this amongst the stampede for bots, algorithm driven customer relationships and digital transformation.

People are still important in the insurer-insured relationship. Take just one situation:-

 Squaring the circle of speedy settlement and detecting fraud needs sensitivity from the claims handler combined with the nous of the fraud investigator and co-operation of the claimant

Fraudsters know all about key fraud indicators and vary activities and information to pass fraudulent claims. As whiplash claims in the UK come under even more scrutiny you see new forms of fraudulent claim flourish.

  • Just watch  the lawyer firm  ambulances touring hotel resorts touting for the business of UK travellers suffering from "food poisoning" - a new wave of claims hitting the insurer.

Business rules and machine learning help to flag bona fide claims and potential fraud but cannot see the professional fraudster.

Self-service claim form templates & inclusion of photo/video images help both the claimant and insurer settle claims. 

The human touch is still important though and this is enabled through one single digital record for every claim.

A record supported by online digital platforms that link securely via a unique url to the back-office core systems of record.

Enabling the claims handler and fraud investigator to see every claim and share information (securely) with the complete supply chain.

  • hotel
  • travel company
  • medical professional
  • claimants

In a timely, cost-effective manner that includes the human touch to for trust and long term relationships. Same goes for other insurance products of course.

See the digital platform for the insurance industry that delivers this single digital record analysing data across the online and back-office   

"See every claim, See every risk" 

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