Improving Customer Experience will result in higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Start with the customer and outdo best practitioners letting customers manage their lives from the phone, tablet and laptop.  

Expect to raise NPS to 80% and higher but that is just one small step in digitally transforming carriers, brokers and the supply chain. Digital transformation is a constant process- a destination rather than just a step or even a journey. The results can be dramatic for insurers and customers.

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Any digital platform worthy of the name must transform the whole claims cycle from FNOL, First Notification of Loss, to Settlement. 

That means reforming all processes and managing all the stakeholders involved in delivering a delightful customer experience. For insurance companies handling a wide range of simple to complex products and claims this means optimising goals that are often contradictory.

  • Speed of settlement with time to detect & deter fraud
  • Agile digital innovation from inflexible legacy systems
  • BPOS for cost effectiveness without losing control of repair, replacement and cash settlement where waste can be 35% costs
  • Competing with insurtech upstarts which can cream off small, profitable product niches

The power lies with insurers to adopt digital platforms that allow them to optimise these outcomes and maintain competitive advantage. To exploit the knowledge they already have about their customers and add to it. Harvesting new data from the digitisation and accessing & joining with the vast amount of unstructured data held in emails, freeform text and scanned documents for effective analytics and BI. 

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Yes, it is more a Marathon than a journey but taken step by step in the right sequence will lead to the right destination.

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