“Insurers want the best risk pools, the cheapest operations in the background, and the best products to market to customers,” Karen Monks Celent

What does one do with complex, inflexible and expensive legacy system investments?

".. retiring legacy systems in lieu of cloud for core,.." is one option but not attractive to bottom line or overstretched Central IT.

Better to adopt digital platforms that deliver the customer experience, strip out operating costs whilst improving fraud detection and customer service, and let insurers access the new data from the platforms AND the vast amount of unstructured data in core systems.

Deploy the customer experience today, manage the complete supply chain over next few months and within 12 months be analysing complete data and not just the 10% to 15% surfaced today.

See "Viable Digital Transformation".

THis means you rejuvenate core systems in short term which gives you the time to replace in a cost-effective and timely manner rather than all at once. 

See "Digital transformation & the challenge of Legacy Systems".