One small step for Lemonade and one big potential step backwards for analogue, incumbent insurers.

Insurers- I know the current analogue model seems to still be working and digitilisation always seem to face contradictory goals.  New investment in digital transformation? Let's wait awhile! Take these challenges:-

  • How do we achieve the FAST settlement of claims like Lemonade delivers and still have the time to detect fraud?
  • Deliver an Airbnb class digital experience from inflexible legacy core systems?
  • Compete with agile single product insurers like Lemonade when we have complex product & geographical portfolios?
  • Plan better customer journeys & experience when our data is in multiple silos, mostly unstructured and inaccessible?
  • Improve customer satisfaction (NPS) involving spending and strip out operating costs at the same time?

It's fine if you could just tear up current processes and implement optimal customer journeys  today like Lemonade.

Well you can- don't worry about the fizz; put zest back into your customer's  journeys and user experiences. See "Lemonade or Lucozade"

Then watch this 90 second video from "The Insurance Times " Expert view: Increase customer claims satisfaction with self-service"

Oh- and congratulations to Lemonade for showing what can be done and wishing you more success