Erudite discussion around pros and cons of machine learning & AI versus human cognition. In this case by a rare kind of person- an experienced translator who is also a coder about human translators performance compared to, say, Google Translate.

Highly relevant in business, commerce and government as you are urged to embrace AI and unleash algorithms to automate decision making.

A critical success factor in getting the mix right is to consider "context".  Not just in translation but in deciding, for example ;

  • Telehealth- should the patient be admitted to A&E
  • Insurance- are the claim details indicative of fraud
  • Credit card transactions- fraud or acceptable outlier
  • Smart Fridge- needs re-stocking or is household on holiday

Context is what us Sapiens do well and what AI can find hard. Context gives the real meaning to events, behaviour, physiological & psychological change. 

The challenge for those planning data/BI/analytics and how to make the best decisions is to judge the risk of "black swans" against the predictability of a situation/event being repeated in the future.

The fact is that human beings cannot analyse the vast amounts of streaming data effectively so automated decision making is essential. The trick is to know when aberrations should be dealt with by humans and when by AI/machine-learning.

IUt helps when you combine the rare profile of person like Arthur Goldhammer. LUckily not as rare as unicorns but not common either. I know one such person in John Galsworthy CTO at 360Globalnet who has practised as a business manager and programmer and better still trained as an engineer. 

Seek similar profiles of people as project leaders in :-

  • Data Management
  • Big Data 
  • Analytics & BI
  • Location Intelligence
  • Self-service BI
  • AI 
  • Decisioning Apps

That way you can help eliminate the gap between those who describe priorities & needs and those that spec and build with the typical disappointment when BI & Analytics delivered.

"That's not what we need" "Or " Just too late now".

You must get this right or you will endure shitloads of poor performance and disillusion.

And back to the title  when you need to avoid the perils of machine translation suggest you visit Whym Global