Really interesting to see the dynamics of digital disruption and the auto industry.  Apple's Tim Cook calls autonomous drive systems as the "mother of all AI projects".

Google has long shown its commitment to lead this field and every auto manufacturer jostles to lead advances in this field.

 Just this week Jaguar Land Rover announced an investment in Lyft .

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Tesla bundles insurance with its cars. Insurers face declining premiums as vehicles consistently become safer and autonomous vehicles replace todays over the next twenty years.

Auto manufacturers have long moved tDigital transformation and industry stackso be assemblers exploiting the technology leadership of software, parts and components OEM manufacturers. Autonomous drive systems are one more component.

Digital disruption is not just about new technology, it is about whole industrial stacks evolving and it is the organisations that own these that will be the new leaders. It's vital to anticipate who these new leaders will be to make sure you are in the right industry stack.

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If you are a predominantly analogue organisation planning digital transformation you must know how to out disrupt "digital disrupters" or you are liable to be left behind.