AI & machine learning are all well and good but far too many organisations just don't have access to vital information hidden in unstructured data.

I agree with the author that; " Your path to intelligence should not be delayed because your data is in a poor state. The best time to get started on analytics is always now. The saying “done is better than perfect” could not be more relevant for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge through their data. Imperfect data can still provide companies with actionable insights, while simultaneously exposing data quality issues that teams can identify and improve over time."  

BUT-must not ignore the vital information held in unstructured data- freeform text in forms( analogue or digital), word documents, emails, photos and images. Hand-written annotations....

You can and should tackle this issue today without delay. Many organisations ignore over 80% of vital data. Don't be guilty of the same mistake.

Take action- here is a practical data analytics strategy to help achieve the goals outlines below