Winner takes All- the majority of profits,around 25% and with the next 3 insurers hoover up nearly half of the industry profits. That leaves the laggards to share the remaining 50% between themselves! 

"Third, the winners will be those that move decisively. Our cross-industry research showed that those companies that initiated disruption fared best, generating revenue and EBIT growth that was on average between one and two percentage points higher than that of more ad hoc responders. These companies made big bets—to innovate products or reshape the value chain, for example—rather than following in others’ wake. In insurance, this is borne out by the companies featured in Exhibit 4: HUK24, Direct Line, and Progressive were all first movers."

McKinsey Facing Digital Reality 2017

Also see "Winner takes most in digital transformation"

Winning also means potentially doubling profits over 5 years- see "Reducing costs, increasing revenues, doubling profits"