Most enterprises have inherited a multitude of legacy core systems making it hard to digitally transform.

HBR highlights three options that parallel urban planning:-

  • Invest in Landmark Digital Projects
  • Remove roadblocks
  • Starting from Scratch

Today let's look at investing in landmark digital projects. You might choose:-

  • Self-service claims 
  • Accessing & analysing unstructured data
  • "Uberizing" the insurance supply chain. 

Self-service claims

Most claimants would rather be able to click on a web page, download a customised (web) claims form that collects only relevant information and be able to add photo, video evidence to speed up claims

Accessing unstructured data

Much of the data in a claims notification form is not analysed automatically yet there are gold nuggets of information to support fraud teams. Add to this data in photos, videos, emails, word documents, audio files and joining it with structured data- bingo! Better and faster decisions.

Uberizing the supply chain

30% of costs are incurred in waste materials and time. Sharing (securely of course) a single digital record between the insurer, inspectors, brokers and contractors can strip out cost and speed up claims

One word of caution- whilst it makes sense to start with a landmark project make sure it fits into a complete digital strategy. Wrap digital processes around legacy systems that do what they can do very well eg payments.

That gives you time to replace ageing systems in a practical and cost-effective time period.


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