Looks like auto manufacturers getting cold feet as they look at ROI for autonomous cars. But a thought- who will own the data from all these connected vehicles? The companies that own, analyse, add context and then sell the value-add are the ones that will mine the profits.

Will this be the autonomous  car software vendors, the companies with access to consumers like Lyft or Google, the insurance companies that will underwrite liability and risk?

This is digital disruption with a vengeance and you can add another analogue sting in the tail. The EU ban on petrol and diesel engined vehicles by 2040.

Each electric vehicle has around 7,000 components compared to 30,000 for a petrol/diesel engined vehicle. What will happen to the manufacturing supply chain? The manufacturer with the expertise to exploit these changes appears to be Tesla which is building a massive battery factory.

Where does all that IPR and brand cachet of BMW, Mercedes and Audi stand as this disruptive tidal wave gathers strength?

No wonder the auto manufacturers are seeking partners- they had better bet on the right ones . I mean, what happens if a major global insurer invests in the connected vehicle for risk prevention and ownership of the data?

The final outcomes could be far different than anyone imagines todas. Just look at the cross industry investments being made - see the linked article below.

And read this perceptive article "Competing in a world of crumbling boundaries".  I suggest this after completing another  workshop today on change management, digital disruption and transformation.