Don't think Claims Management Companies & Legal Beavers are not this moment planning to seek compensation for clients in a follow-up to their PPI successes.

May 2018 and can you deal with this?

"Dear Sirs

Having dealt with your company or your supply chain over the last few years I wish to see all instances of where my private data is

  1. Stored in any format electronic or paper
  2. That can be used to identify me

I wish to correct any errors so please send this in a commonly readable format- PDF will do fine.

Yours sincerely

Geoff Daly"

Now you probably have the electronic documents tagged in the document management system covered but but what about these?

  1. Unstructured as well as structured data
  2. Emails
  3. Hand-written letters
  4. Photos and videos in which text information displayed e.g. vehicle number plates
  5. Freetext Fields in claims forms and questionnaires
  6. Images embedded in documents
  7. Attachments to MS Word Documents and emails
  8. Sticky notes and annotations on documents, forms. 

When you can demonstrate the capability to: 

  • FIND all instances of such personal information , erase/redact data on request
  • Redact it
  • Correct it
  • Return it

You will enhance the reputation of your organisation at the expense of your competitors. YOu might fear it will cost the earth but that need not be the case. See 360Retrieve for peace of mind