5 Key Risks identified below but there's a sixth one that maybe is the weakest link

  1. Not just cyber insurance- it's also first-party property risk.
  2. Wearables & employee-based group health policies
  3. Medical devices and aberrant data
  4. IP theft
  5. Professional Liability/Tech E&O Insurance
  6. Ironically at the heart of the insurer itself maybe the weakest link! The Proxy Server


Designed to safeguard the insurer it is a focus of hacker attack.

There the encrypted data being sent from within the organisation is decrypted, analysed and if not blocked re-encrypted before starting its journey. Which means all the master keys are there and at a point in time unenrypted data.

A treasure trove for any hacker and one that insurers should include in any PEN testing.

Then look at the other 5 issues described below.