Anticipating disruption requires that you also anticipate where technologies converge to jerk enterprises and organisations into new business models.

Disruption comes as much from business models that turn an incumbent leader's business upside down as it does from disruptive technologies.

A digital giant like Amazon can exploit both to cut an existing business off at the knees. An incumbent can use the same opportunity to combine it's strengths with those of new technologies and business models. It just needs a CEO, Management team and employees brave and decisive enough to grasp the initiative and execute flawlessly.

IoT + massively cheaper sensors + the connected home + digital platforms + new insurance models = the future insurance leader?

GDPR + surfacing & analysing massive data previously inaccessible + digital wrapper around capable but inflexible core analogue systems = Digital Transformation winner?

Worth using the article below to spur innovation and new thinking. Look at the technology impacting your market and judge where they will converge before someone does it before you