Summary of what you should do sooner rather than later. Follow link for more detail.

  • Obtain ISO 27001 Certification
  • Hire a DPO or CISO
  • Hire a Consumer Data Ombudsman
  • Use Consultants and the IAPP
  • Build a Data Map

Then find a technology solution that's:-

  • Not complex
  • Won't take 6 months to deploy
  • Won't cost the earth
  • Addresses both historical, current and future data
  • 360Retrieve

However you prepare, time is of the essence. Next May will be here soon, and the EU will, in all likelihood, be making an example out of someone. Don’t let it be you.

And as a benefit, the same technology will unleash the value of data that has been inaccesible until now

See "Why GDPR is a Golden Opportunity for data".