Always a temptation to dream up new titles rather than new practice. Change maybe happening faster today but Peter F  Drucker had this covered decades ago.

"In innovation, as in any other endeavor, there is talent, there is ingenuity, and there is knowledge. But when all is said and done, what innovation requires is hard, focused, purposeful work. If diligence, persistence, and commitment are lacking, talent, ingenuity, and knowledge are of no avail.

There is, of course, far more to entrepreneurship than systematic innovation—distinct entrepreneurial strategies, for example, and the principles of entrepreneurial management, which are needed equally in the established enterprise, the public service organisation, and the new venture. But the very foundation of entrepreneurship is the practice of systematic innovation."

Peter F Drucker  The Discipline of Innovation Harvard Business Review 2012

Makes the point though that you should have the right skills on the board. See:-

"Do you have the right innovation skills in the boardroom?"