Every forecast of AI transforming enterprises, economies and nations must have a caveat. The AI technology is the easy part- it's the rest that is damned difficult.

"AI- don't be seduced by the hype!"

Most organisations are still in  the dark ages when it comes to data. It's all very well banging on about the potential of analysing external data but what about the 80% to 90% of internal data that stays in data silos never accessible for analysis?

What about the reskilling of people and education of pupils to prepare for a world where all basic admin, accounting, diagnosis will be achieved with a mixture of machine-learning, robotic process automation (RPA) and algorithms?

What about getting the goals and strategies right so as to apply AI to the right priorities? It is a fact that most enterprise-wide mega AI projects are doomed to failure for the reasons explained above. Success comes from smaller, tighter low-hanging fruit projects.

See "Slowly but surely, gains from AI innovation are coming"

Well times article from World Economic Forum below for governments, C-Suites, Managers, Educators, Operatives, Parents, School children- all of us.