“In our very immediate, always-connected world, this includes how quickly and how well organisations respond to their questions and queries,”

Chris Robinson CEO Yonder - Insurance Business

At a time when digital giants (well versed in real-time customer contact and UX) are eyeing the insurance industry this is a serious challenge. Healthcare is probably their first target but that's just for starters.

Customer satisfaction ratings of at least 90%  and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) above 80% would be an indicator that insurers are getting there but the evidence is the opposite.

There are three basic ways out for insurers:-

  1. Pick out a market niche like Homeshare and partner with an insurtech like Slice
  2. Throw out core systems and replace with enterprise strength platforms like Guidewire
  3. Rejuvenate core systems with an insurance platform like 360Siteview that digitally transforms all perils and the supply chain

Insurers should really transform all their products/markets from phone damage/loss/theft to factories/ships/nuclear power stations . From their core home markets to global coverage. 

If not they face death by a thousand cuts by nimble digital competitors likeLemonadeone end and bludgeoning by nimble digital giants the other e.g. Amazon.