"With the camera, the fight for pixels falls by the wayside. We are moving towards a computing era when the camera will run applications just as the mobile phone does. Except, with the physical world as our canvas, we’ll find ourselves parallel processing in a way never before possible.From ENIAC (heralded as a “giant brain” when introduced at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946) to Apple’s iPhone, the evolutionary trend of technology has been to fit more and more into smaller and smaller boxes. The screen on your phone, the TV in your house, and everything in between is a virtual representation of the world. In some cases, we have begun to augment those representations, with Pokémon Go opening the eyes of millions to what’s possible creatively.But we’re just getting started. What comes next is looking through the camera at the entire world."

Allison Wood founder and CEO of Camera IQ

The cellphone & camera/video is already an important part of insurance digital platforms improving customer UX and delivering better results faster at lower cost. The same can be seen in healthcare and as worlds converge into new ecosystems the phone/camera opens up new spatial computing and transformation opportunities.

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