A reminder that before rushing into new digital transformation strategies it is vital to start with the customer, keep with the customer and end with the customer.

All else is a means to that end. Legacy systems must be rejuvenated with digital transformation but only when it makes the necessary big difference for the customer.

And what the customer wants today will change significantly every year so it's no good taking two years to plan and implement. Continual innovation with an inbuilt acceptance of failure if it means you learn, iterate and iterate until you get it right and still keep iterating.

Technology needs to be agile and flexible enough to work with today's core systems whilst delivering the digital experience and real-life deliverable that customers demand.

That is both the challenge and opportunity that all organisations- private and public sector- face today and from today. Technology is the easy part- or should be. It's the cultural and organisational parts that take longer and hold back transformation unless tackled with rigour, good change management and great leadership