"Technology helps you do business differently, but the right strategy is not technology-focused. It incorporates the right technologies for the right jobs. It uses high tech where those capabilities are important and low tech where a simple solution can do the job. And when technology is done right, it can help a company launch wave after wave of business innovation — innovation that becomes possible as new technologies become real"

George Westerman, MIT Sloan Management Review March 2018

He advises:-

  1. Get away from silo thinking.Business and technology leaders need to work together. The most valuable transformation comes from changing the company through a range of technologies, innovative strategy and company-wide focus
  2. Don't go too fast; it's no good racing after the benefits of AI if you cannot even access 90% of your data. Incremental steps, using small failure to learn and iterate and optimise transformation
  3. Don't leave it to tech leaders; You need business leaders and technical leaders in step and working to common goals
  4. Build essential leadership capability; the CEO, The C-Suite and guys at the front-end need to combine vision with common sense

Practical advice from someone successfully involved in transformation for over six years. I had to find out the hard way that long ago so take advantage and follow the link below to avoid digital disappointment