"We know that roughly 93% of all vehicle accidents are caused by human error. And of that, almost 1 trillion dollars is spent on auto repair. Sit back and question that for a second, and that’s when you realise that all of this money – nearly 1 trillion! – is being dropped, variably, right into the pockets of the auto repair companies and the physical parts manufacturers. 

These companies have remained semi-relevant amidst semi-autonomy by consolidating their operations in a cartel-esque manner through the three-word acronym we commonly call OEMs (original equipment manufacturer)."

Steven Schwartz 30th April, 2018 Insurtech Rising365

Not just OEMs either; the whole insurance model underpinning the auto industry, car leasing and ride-share will implode with move to autonomous & electric vehicles.

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"Let insurers control autonomous cars?"

These seismic changes are the catalyst for the new ecosystems and partnerships that will dominate the future