"Digital technologies can help make customer episodes scalable and low-cost, but digital is not sufficient by itself. Human judgment and communication still matter for many high-stakes moments. And behind the digital veneer, factory teams will have to redesign the supporting processes and policies in order to simplify customers' lives and keep them returning for more—all while improving the company's economics."

Bain Insights June 2018 

Customer UX is still too often "designed" from within ignoring both the customer and front-line employees that actually deal with customers day to day.

And it is not a once in a while activity. Customers and competitors change behaviours so any digital platform you employ must enable the business user to iterate, test, improve constantly without constant reliance on the technology provider. 

Useful advice and use cases from Bain & Company. Ask these questions before starting the UX journey.

  • How do we encourage and educate customers to behave in the desired way? How do we steer them to the right channel?
  • What product specifications should we change?
  • What technology architecture would improve specific episodes?
  • How do we motivate and equip employees to behave in the desired way? Which capabilities do they lack, and what training is required?
  • How do we ensure a consistent, seamless experience between channels?
  • How should back-end processes change? What manual tasks can be automated to cut costs?