Just 13% of customers surveyed said the quality of service and customer experience they receive matters most when choosing an insurance provider – meaning there’s still more to be done when it comes to engagement.

One of the commonest complaints is not knowing what's going on with a claim and often 50% of the calls into a claims team are just asking for updates.

That can be remedied quickly with the digital claims platforms like 360Siteview and RightIndem. 

There is no excuse for not giving customers self-service claims from FNOL to Settlement that keep the customer up-to-date in real-time. 

See "NPS, Retention Rates and beating Digital Disruptors"with 2018 report on insurance customer retention and NPS scores

We have not touched on doing the same for customers looking for and buying the best policies in the first place. Nor designing and launching the right products. Well worth stimulating thought and action when the CX Report 2018 cis published