Is this a case of "The Grass is always Greener" applied to services? 

Might be best to look at the services already provided and improving them from OK to delivering world class experience to customers. Faster settlement, Amazon class UX and in more complex claims tackling inefficient drainage, escape of water and subsidence problems.

Communications and Orchestration as an integral part of a Digital Claims Hub is a must. Probably 35% of the following services costs are waste time and materials: -

  • Inspections
  • Spec and Quote
  • Repair, rebuild, replace
  • Inspect again and authorise payment

Orchestrating the supply chain, digitising supply chain management and keeping customers informed will improve service and significantly reduce cost.

And there  is a basic service insurers could offer customers but rarely do. When a claimant is told that their policy does not cover a particular event why don't they offer a service partner at reasonable price and upgrade the policy? Any digital claims platform must offer that capability.

That still leaves open the opportunity for new services outside insurers core products/services. But as the FT article highlights  the competition there will be fierce.

So still requires vision and the capability to innovative and fast moving. Not things insurers have excelled in the past. Suggest you look at these tips from Marteen Ectors Chief Digital Officer at Legal & General before you start on these new ventures .

You need to be able to launch new products fast, iterate and constantly improve. Something customers of 360Globalnet have enjoyed to keep ahead of customer expectations.