What price will you have to pay for Technical Debt? 

Organizations face intense pressure to keep themselves at the leading edge of IT capabilities. Sometimes, however, the need for fast technology solutions forces them to make short-term programming and systems-architecture decisions. In doing so, they accrue and compound an invisible technical debt — the price they will one day need to pay to make it right.

Insurers have already found a solution that decouples legacy systems to free digital platforms to deliver the customer UX and journey critical for competitive advantage. 

Digital claims, communications and orchestration of customers

  1. Customers
  2. Internal Teams
  3. Contractors
  4. Supply Chain

Without throwing away legacy systems. According to an Accenture survey :-

"Some 67% of executives we surveyed said they would like to replace all of their core legacy systems. But 70% would like to keep their existing core systems as long as possible — and 50% wish they could have the best of both worlds." MIT Sloan Management Review June 18 2018

Other insurers have chosen the decoupling solution so if you are to be a digital leader best do so yourselves.