POCs that never end or die off are a sign that you are. Digital hubs that deliver ideas but not deployed product are another. 

A long list of insurtechs, fintechs, healthtech, regtechs, blahblahtecs etc show that most trials, workshops and POCs will be one-offs. Failing the potential customer and the  blahblahtech. 

One key reason is that very few technology founders and developers ask the question WHY?

"Why would an insurer, a bank, a hospital group, legal firm, enterprise or government organisation want it?  

Otherwise its the solution looking for a problem. Worse still it cannot be just a problem- it must be a compelling, urgent problem that if not sloved will cause considerable loss to the customer.

  1. Lost revenue
  2. Lost reputation
  3. Lost profit
  4. Lost customer renewal
  5. Lost future

It doesn't help when:-  

  • developers are often distant from business people.
  • The customer doesn't know it has a problem
  • Not knowing why you cannot define the what, where, when, how.
  • Result- petting zoo but no practical innovation.


Insist that the blahblahtech has mapped the why, has worked directly and successfully  in your market with your kind of customers. 

And you, of course have to have decided why before engaging with blahblahtechs. 

Want to predict the future? Create a Wardley Map (https://leadingedgeforum.com/advisory-service/wardley-maps/)."Wardley Maps are a means of achieving this. 

Or if you are an insurer try 360Globalnet.com which knows the why.