When a bank or insurance carrier, re-insurer has multiple legacy systems and juggling the CEO's desire to deliver Amazon quality customer experience from inflexible core systems expect problems.

Luckily there are modern platforms that can deliver the customer satisfaction quickly without facing these issues.

But fools rush in where angels fear to tread. 

I was forcibly reminded by Christopher Surdakthat: -

"Mike, transformation means different outputs, not different inputs. Worrying about what platform to use, without new outcomes, is like arguing over the color of the umbrella in a mai tai... on the Titanic."

Before rushing in with the what, where, how, when and who when migrating technology ask the most important question. WHY? 

As Christopher added; -

Mike Daly “without ‘why’ you have no power”, the Merovingian in the movie ‘The Matrix’  (edited)"

I should have remembered that without Christopher I would never have digitally transformed the global reservation systems at Hilton. We spent six months asking why and then successfully answering the what, where, when etc.

For insurers one solution to be found here

As well as delivering the customer satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness vital to compete with other insurers, full-stack insurtechs and the ever threatening Amazon and other tech giants.  

And you'll not have to resign.