"survey of 120 senior executives, conducted for the report, which found that more of them (77%) thought that AI would create new roles than believed it would replace existing positions (57%; respondents could choose both options). Extra skills may be needed to cope with the new technology and more than half of the bosses are already taking steps to train their workforces."

The Economist 14th Sep 2018

Enterprises still need to answer WHY? before embarking on AI projects. What does the enterprise need to change and what outcomes achieved? 

Once AI has handled the mundane tasks it leave the more complex ones for workers. That means they must be trained to manage these tasks or else the whole AI project fails.

Don't forget AI is not a panacea. It is one of a number of technologies and you cannot have one without transforming the other. AI requires massive amounts of data and so data management is key. Once you start an I project it invariably takes longer and costs more than you expect. 

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