One-size digital experience (DX) platforms are "back to the future" states  Ian Truscott in CMSWire: -

"Monolithic stacks are appearing that think they will do to the marketing technology market what SAP did to ERP, as if out of this primordial soup of 8000 vendors one champion will rise."  

This is as true of insurance and banking platforms as it is of marketing and media.  In fact, Blockchain DX platforms could be even worse as the potential for what Truscott calls "Frankenstacks" are evolving right now.

"This fluidity in the market is driving innovation. So though it is perhaps safer from a career perspective to pick a monolith, you risk missing something. It wasn’t long ago that today’s monolith was a project in someone’s dorm room, or more precisely, a fraternity of dorm rooms. Which brings us to the fact that the monolith is not a single product. At times it's called a “frankenstack” — a basket of body parts that have been stitched together through acquisition, the argument being that the acquiring company can stitch together this monster better than you can."

Common sense dictates that you look at all the platforms relevant to your industry and choose a core DX platform with a good API architecture to integrate other platforms and best of breed apps.

Auto Insurers may, for example, chose a core DX like 360Siteview and an auto supply chain DX platform like Audatex to be the digital leader in auto insurance.

These are key decisions facing every industry. You must avoid being an analogue leader and morphing into a digital Frankenstein