Apprehensive over inferior mobile and online platforms, inefficient processes and frightful visions of becoming irrelevant, both tech and non-tech organizations are looking to leapfrog the innovation curve by acquiring proficiency in A.I., robotics, predictive analytics, machine learning, blockchain, natural language processing, image recognition software and the Internet of Things (IoT)." Russ Banham Chief Executive Network 4th Feb 2019

Banham goes on to describe three M&A  ways to acquire innovative technology.

  1. A license to license
  2. Invest, Learn and Buy (maybe)
  3. Locking up a joint venture

There is another option; some platform technology providers really do allow the business to

  • Configure optimal and unique customer journeys;
  • Deliver optimal UI/UX without coding or recourse to the vendor;
  • Orchestrate all supply chain participants to deliver customer delight;
  • Thereby creating disruptive IPR

360Globalnet, Snapsheet and RightIndem come to mind in the areas of digital claims. Enterprises can gain the competitive advantage and IPR without the commitment to invest or buy. These options could be exploited later to stop other competitors gaining the same leap forward.

The advantage is that you can gain a complete solution rather than a tool or micro application. And they are deployable now and scalable.

Enterprises would do well to add this option to leapfrog the innovation curve and outrun the competition.