I wonder what people would have thought of when they first came across the name "Google"? Today it has world-wide name recognition with what was once quite a weird name.

But how about all those innovators and disrupters that faded from the scene? Was the name a part of the issue?

It is a fundamental critical success factor that any start-up must have a compelling answer to a significant business or organisational problem. Not that many start-ups seem to know that but let's leave that to one side for today.

Then they have to be able to describe the problem get agreement that it is a priority problem to solve and explain succinctly how they address the issue- to decision makers.

Most startups do not get to that point which is why 90% typically die. 

Does a startup's name get in the way? The name & logo are generally the first visual clues a potential buyer experiences. What do you think these startups offer?

  • Marshmallow
  • Wurk
  • Aunt Flow
  • Mush
  • Swytch

I was wrong on each count- see how you do in the linked article below. 

If  I have 10 startups a day trying to get my attention and only have time to consider one, which name gives the lucky one a better chance of getting my attention?

What's in a name? A great deal by all accounts