Maarten Ectors Chief Innovation Officer at Legal & General states bluntly that "All digital transformations will fail, unless..."which highlights the fact most insurance C-Suites are stuck in the analogue mud described below. See his prognosis and also mine below. 

Here are the top 10 barriers companies face when undergoing digital transformation projects, according to the Harvard Business Review and Scout RFP, and the percentage of senior executives surveyed that identified each as a challenge.

1. Inability to experiment quickly (53%)

2. Legacy systems (52%)

3. Inability to work across silos (51%)

4. Inadequate collaboration between IT and lines of business (49%)

5. Risk-averse culture (47%)

6. Change management capabilities (46%)

7. Lack of a corporate vision for digital (39%)

8. Lack of talent/skills required (38%)

9. Insufficient budget (37%)

10. Cybersecurity (34%)

Yet, as my friend Andrew Peet at 360Globalnet Americas stated this week " These are all mindset issues really. There are answers staring them in the face if only they could look up from tactical digital projects and the constraints of their current core systems.

See " Legacy core systems like being stuck in concrete?" for the solution to that proven by insurers that have processed over 3.5 million claims to delight customers and collapse costs.  

And to prove that these are not just words look at "Are your digital claims goals ambitious enough? You will be surprised at the realisable results.

At the very last chose a digital claims platform that lets you tackle these challenges from day one. Then set the goals described above to be No.1 in your sectors. A Netflix rather than a Kodak.