How many travel insurer's claims systems were "pandemic crisis" ready?  How many claims management systems could anticipate today's situation when onsite inspections are no longer viable?

On the one hand claims management core systems have grown in functionality, scalability and complexity and on  the other they have grown fragile. Unable to change to unforeseen events that massively  impact customers, staff, partners and ecosystems.

This pandemic is a tipping point for insurtechs, enterprise insurance software vendors and insurance consultants.

How do you give Heads of Claims, Claims Managers,  Claims Adjusters, the Fraud Team, The Supply Chain Management Team and distribution partners like Brokers a robust solution that, out of the blocks, delivers effective online claims management?

For cancelled travel plans, isolated voyagers, disrupted business and investigation teams restricted to work-from home.

Not just point solutions. Anyone can deliver video streaming technology to capture evidence and add it to photo images and text explanations.

That would certainly help claims teams deal with accidental damage, escape of water, subsidence. But it is not a claims management solution- it is a tool sitting alongside the claims management system. Yet another data silo.

Vendors should deliver this out of the box  as a fully integrated part of an end-to-end claims management solution. Not just photo and video images but the metadata that can be added to a single digital record. A record that can be securely shared (with redactions) with all the participants needed to satisfy a policyholder?

That is "AI Ready" to feed the fraud detection apps and flag opportunistic fraud and feed the loss assessment and total loss/repair decision process for motor insurance.

Back to travel.

Where in these dark days of cancelled flights, cruises, hotel stays and events was the insurance solutions vendor with a practical response? 

Most travel claims forms are analogue- please fill in and send supporting evidence. Where was the insurtech offering to digitise and deploy this process in days? 

Not just as a short-term solution but part of a contiguous transformation for all claims and not just travel?

Who is delivering claims leaders with the solution to create automation, sophisticated communications and workflows around this. An out-of-the-box solution to take huge pressure off their call centres, and support working from home, while giving their customers fast, simple, digital interactions from phone or pc or both!

Which insuretchs are helping to protect your brands and reputation, while providing resilience that can be trusted by the world's leading insurers?

This is the acid test that insuretchs and all delivering technology to hard-pressed claims teams must pass with flying colours.