Whilst written about asset management the key points are as applicable to insurance claims management. Martijn Moerbeek is group director of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Legal & General so knows a thing or two about digital transformation.

Success demands getting buy-in across the organisation. The C-Suite of course, but also business unit leaders, managers, team leaders and importantly those at the digital coalface.

Achieve success in one strategically important area and the whole organisation will identify with the KPI results and the project.

That is why insurance claims makes such a good case for pioneering digital transformation. Whether travel, business disruption, worker's comp or the increased potential for accidental damage in today's work from home (WFH). This is where policyholders's experience what an insurer delivers in times of stress i.e. Covid-19. This is where the digital ambition hits the analogue tarmac too often with delays and diversions. 

Policyholders want the best experience and claims journey despite the act that the claims team itself is dispersed at home. Despite the fact that local broadband speeds in rural UK, USA and elsewhere make claims management a challenge.

Despite home inspections and face-to-face interviews being at best limited and mostly not possible in these days of isolation.

If ever there was a time to prove the effectiveness of digital claims management then today, this week and this month is the time. 

But is it feasible to follow Moerbeek's advice?  i.e. "To convince sceptics in their organizations, many digital leaders have followed the approach of having a signature initiative that would engage many parts of the organization and illustrate a significant difference in change between the old and new worlds. They picked end-to-end journeys that were very visible to begin with, in order to win support."

A complete claims journey sounds challenging. 

Take heart though.

360Globalnet has described how one major UK insurer has moved ALL its Home and Motor Claims to 360Siteview in just four days!

OK it was just FNOL but even so how many other claims management platform vendors can claim the same? 

And an existing customer that had already digitally transformed Motor, Pet and Commercial claims management with 360Siteview took the digital plunge with Home & Contents. The team and migrated from another current claims management platform to 360Siteview in just one week the complete claims journey.

One claims management platform for all claims categories. That does not require you to rip out the core systems you already have and that are probably being severely tested right now. Consider 360Siteview a "digital wrapper" around these complex, inflexible, costly core systems. But unlike wrappers that are all outward show , this wrapper is an enterprise strength already deployed by over 30 customers from Australia to the USA including household insurance names. 

Between them they have processed over 3 million claims of all categories and perils from simple Accidental Damage to CAT events such as Hurricane Irma.

From Auto Warranty to Auto Claims Management including damage and loss assessment and repair network management. 

From Travel Cancellation and Curtailment to Worker's Comp.

Martijn Moerbeek is on the nail- now is the time to plan change for substantial, fast and sustainable benefits. You can see the KPI's already achieved elsewhere in this article "Insurers cutting costs- how will they still delight customers?". 

It is understandable that the daunting challenges of migrating to new platforms have been a barrier to change in the past. That is no longer the case so claims leaders have an opportunity to show the whole business how transformation is both practical, profitable and effective.

Declaration: I am Business Development Director of 360Globalnet