Growth mirrored by 360Globalnet with its digital claims management platform 360Siteview.

Digital acceleration is a key need and those vendors that have credible cloud-native solutions that deliver value fast without straining cash flow are in a winning position.

Enterprises look to shore up reserves and defer capital expenditure as Covid-19 pandemic hits world economies. At the same time the must anticipate their customers wanting even more online and digital  digital customer delight as they buy and service constrained lifestyles .

Many legacy core systems constrained by billions of lines COBOL coding are creaking at he seams yet implementation and upgrade projects are deferred. CIOs and CTOs must live with "sweat the assets" and "keep the lights in" goals whilst line of business leaders seek digital excellence.

Those technology partners that can deliver digital acceleration and excellence without requiring upgrades and changes to core systems will prove their worth.

PAYGO licensing, quick realisation of value with low cash demands and ability to implement and deploy without placing burdens on staff, HR and Change Management will shine out as vendors.

Plus, as always of course, compelling solutions for priority needs now and over the next three years in this forever changed environment.

One big challenge for insurers, maintenance and service companies, PPM enterprises, realtors, car repair networks and many more e.g. 

How can we gather the information and evidence which field inspectors, engineers and surveyors collected during onsite visits  when covid-19 lock-down and isolation act as a barrier?

360Globalnet was able to build, test and launch the digitally assisted visit experience (D.A.V.E.) which delivers the same insights as face-to-face visits and often betters them, See it here

Digital acceleration is the mantra despite all the challenges we face today.