"To badly paraphrase a famous Churchillian quote, never in the history of InsTech London have so many questions been asked of so few panellists by so many viewers!

Such was the level of interest and curiosity about #nocode platforms, their capabilities, applicability, how they're implemented and the effect they will have on the software landscape that we asked our panelists Farooq Sheikh and Adrian Webb to provide written answers to all the questions that came in for us to publish later."

Robin Merttens Instech London 

Robin promised that he would get round to answering all of them and you can read the full list below. Thank you to Unqork and 360Globalnet for the updated answers. 

Here's two examples and you can read the other twenty by following the link at the bottom of this article:-

How would you make sure No Code platforms doesn't leave insurers/clients with legacy?

Unqork: No Code does not create legacy. The platform tech stack is updated as needed. For example,  we have transitioned our clients from an Angular front end to React front end as the standards have upgraded.

360Globalnet: Legacy is almost by definition the hardwiring of business implementation into particular systems that require specialist knowledge and development to update and alter them. No Code involves no hardwiring. It is a building block system that business practitioners can configure as they wish when they wish to meet business needs.  

How does No Code work with core system technology?

Unqork: Every legacy system is unique but Unqork has a documented processes for setting up any legacy connection using SFTP. Depending on customer availability and security procedures, the onboarding process can be accomplished within a sprint or concentrated level of effort.

360Globalnet: Using very open, simple bi-directional APIs supported with full documentation and based on integrations that any competent IT department can set up quickly and easily. We can work with green screen right up to and including Guidewire, Duck Creek, Majesco, etc.

And remember, 360SiteView is No-Code.