Lockdown and COVID-19 has accelerated change and digital transformation at Hotter's Shoes. A completely new business model that aims for growth after cutting stores dramatically with customers now a virtual shoe fitting and visual experience and shoes being manufactured to order and delivered next day.

360Globalnet saw the challenge insurers faced with lockdown. How were they to complete surveys and inspections when lockdown precluded them?

Enter stage left the virtual inspection in which the insurer's claims handlers or engineers could guide the customer to use her own phone or tablet to collect information by photo, video and live-streaming. With a different approach for every kind of claim from accidental damage to complex subsidence for property and motor claims how could all he necessary information be collected?

The No-Code architecture of the digital claims platform 360Siteview empowers every insurer and broker to customise workflows and processes for any kind of claim. I works so well that only 1% of virtual inspections required a follow-up.

Born out of necessity this virtual alternative to face-to-face inspections has become the preferred first approach. It helps triage the right response with the right people and the right equipment, plant and machinery.

It saves time and reduces travel to help achieve sustainability and green goals.

Two different tales about feet on the ground and virtual transformation.